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           Your journey to weight loss begins at Nourish and Thrive, a wonderful and unique weight loss retreat.  Our

holistic approach supports all aspects of weight loss as well as nourishing your well being. We have taken great attention to create a thoughtfully curated retreat programme, that embodies every element that is involved in weight loss.  Our goal is to provide 

you with a practical toolbox so you can realistically learn how to lose weight and most importantly, keep it off. 

          Our retreat includes Cookery demonstrations with easy to follow recipes and you will learn how to batch cook

delicious meals as well as some snacks and soups. We also have a Seminar on Practical Nutrition, where the food groups are explained and you will learn how to build a healthy plate for weight loss. Our food plan is easy to follow and it does not

involve calorie counting.  You will also learn how to prepare weekly food plans.  

          Our retreats will include a Psychology Workshop to help you understand Limiting Beliefs and how Habits are

formed.  You will learn how to change your beliefs, in order to control bad eating habits. You will have a better understanding of why you overeat as well as learning the tools to manage your triggers, such as comfort eating or rewarding yourself with food

          The retreat is set in the 4 Star Westport Coast Hotel, which is Westport's only Waterfront hotel.  It overlooks Clew

bay and Croagh Patrick and has stunning views of the Harbour.  You will participate in our daily outdoor activities, doing Hikes on Bertra Beach, enjoying the Tourmakeady Waterfall Walk and Cycling the Green Western Greenway

              Slow down and enjoy our evening Meditation sessions.  Alternatively on our 5 day retreat, participate in the

unique experience of our Sound Bath Workshop.  Perhaps you just need a break to relax, switch off, take a Swim in the Pool or enjoy a treatment in Spa Veda.


             Our goal is that you will leave our retreats feeling rejuvenated, as well as equipped with the tools to lose weight and feel better in mind and body.  We look forward to welcoming you to Nourish and Thrive, our weight loss retreat.  

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